Spot: The Skatepark of Iquique, Chile

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Always looking for skating spots, OLS takes you once more to the other side of the world, in the middle of the desert of Atacama, to visit the skatepark of Iquique, Chile…

Skatepark of Iquique


Skatepark of Iquique (Chile)

Iquique is a city of 200.000 inhabitants, located 2.000 km north of Santiago de Chile. Temperatures are mild all year long, and it doesn’t rain more than a few millimeters of water per year! Iquique is placed right in-between the impressive foothills of the Andes Mountains and the powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean. Iquique is a renowned beach resort in Chile, known for the quality of its swell, which is ideal for surfing and kitesurfing. Paragliding is also very popular there. The seafront is a mix of Barcelona, Spain and Venice Beach, California, with cycle paths, palm trees and… a skatepark!

Skatepark of Iquique (Chile)

The Skatepark of Iquique

The skatepark is built on the seaside, a few meters from the waves. It is wide and spacious with generous dimensions, and suitable for all levels of practice. The local riders are mainly skateboarders and BMX riders, we didn’t spot many inline/roller-skaters there. The local skaters seem to be more into skating along the beach, especially around Cavancha, a bay sheltered from the high currents of the coast.

Skatepark of Iquique (Chile)

The skatepark is made of concrete and has many areas :

  • open bowls
  • stair sets
  • banks with -and without- rails, walls, and extensions
  • volcanos
  • manual boxes
  • jump boxes
  • curbs
  • benches

On the whole, the surface is in good condition. There are a few cracks in the concrete here and there, but nothing too bad. The copings are a bit rusted, and a little wax is probably welcome.

The practice area is surrounded by barriers, and there are even sheltered stands for the public ! The concrete benches were designed for sliding, with square edges on the seats, and round copings on top of the backs.
Even the trees are protected by skateable barriers, and the bin is topped with a rail ! The Chilean have an eye for detail !

Skatepark of Iquique (Chile)


Behind the skatepark, there is also a mogul field for dirt riding. Last but not least there are free 24/7 public toilets in the start area.


Arturo Prat Chacón 9, Iquique, Región de Tarapacá, Chile

Skatepark of Iquique (Chile)

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