Online of useful tips to repair your skates, to protect and reduce the wear of the parts of your roller-skates such as your wheels or your shell. We also explain how to make parts that no longer exist. Last but not least, we give you advice to practice in the best conditions …

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The use of stride control on skates

Par alfathor | Le 02/11/2018 | 0 | 6287
You can frequently see skaters skating on their inner edge. If the problem can not be solved by a good frame positioning or tying the skates, then you can use stride control...

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Slalom: Setting up your cone lines

Par alfathor | Le 23/08/2015 | 0 | 11941
Setting up a new slalom spot to the official norms requires precision and method. The OLS team gives you advice to set up your classic slalom area...

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All Street skating

Modify your wristguards for the wintertime

Par alfathor | Le 15/02/2015 | 0 | 6984
Who's never hesitated between slipping on wristguards or gloves before going for a ride in the wintertime? Rather than letting you overthink on that tricky question, we have a 2-in-1 solution to keep your fingers warm at a lesser cost...

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Caliper: Pretty useful for skating!

Par alfathor | Le 31/01/2015 | 0 | 19696
If you are a skating geek, buying a caliper must have crossed your mind already: Wheel diameter, ground clearance of your frames... That little tool can prove to be pretty useful!

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What is the use of a durometer?

Par alfathor | Le 30/01/2015 | 0 | 21602
On the printing of skate wheels you can often see a number followed by an A. You get this measurement with a very specific tool: a durometer...

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Street skating Inline-hockey Aggressive skating Speed-skating Inline downhill

Reducing the risks of axle unscrewing with thread locker

Par alfathor | Le 18/07/2014 | 0 | 11669
If you are a regular skater, you probably already had the unpleasant feeling that one of your frame axles was coming loose or clearing off... and sometimes even without you realizing it! Hopefully, there's a solution called thread locker...

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Tip: Making your own skate mudguards

Par alfathor | Le 16/12/2013 | 0 | 11786
Wintertime and rain put your skates and your clothes at risk. Just like in cycling, water projections leave you great souvenir traces on your calves and back. Here is a tip to make your own DIY skate mudguards…

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Extracting an axle or a screw stuck in a frame

Par alfathor | Le 23/01/2012 | 0 | 59544
Most of beginners are afraid to lose a screw or an axle while skating. They often tighten their roller-skates axles too much. When the axles are stuck in the frame, it becomes very hard to remove them. It also happens that the allen key erodes the thread. Here are some tips to remove stubborn axles and screws...

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Tip: how to slow down with a parachute

Par alfathor | Le 26/10/2011 | 0 | 17431
Alain Decayeux recently traveled through the Japanese Alps on his skates with his girlfriend. He met an American skater who introduced him to an ingenious system to slow down in slopes. Explanation ...

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Long distance: water bladder or can bike ?

Par alfathor | Le 24/07/2011 | 0 | 17801
Issues relating to food and hydration are common when skaters start practicing long distance raids or races. Two types of choices are available to you: water bladder or can bike... make your choice!