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test powerslide one zoom 100 05

All Freeride skating Skates tests

Test of the Powerslide One Zoom 100 Skate

Par Vernon SULLIVAN | Le 28/03/2019 | 0 | 9446
First known as a beginner skate the Powerslide One Zoom 100 Skate now has established his abilities for advanced skaters too. We tested this new model...

comparaison pic skates p73 snow white small

All Figure skating Frames tests

Inline artistic skating frames: Pic Skate VS Snow White - the fight!

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 05/03/2019 | 0 | 11221
The REL team has taken a look at the two best-selling inline skating brands on the market and tells you its opinion: Pic Skate or Snow White frames? Choose your weapon!

All Street skating Accessories tests

Test of the Cadomotus Soft Flask

Par Aurélien GACHET | Le 15/11/2018 | 0 | 6185
Cadomotus brought a very deformable drink bottle on the market which is being used by many skaters. The Dutch company sent us some samples for testing. Here, you will read about our first impressions after using it few weeks.

roue rollerblade hydrogen pro 125 xf small

All Speed-skating Wheels tests

Test of the Inline Speed-Skating Hydrogen Pro 125mm X-Firm wheel

Par alfathor | Le 21/09/2018 | 0 | 5956
Rollerblade has sent us a set of their latest speed roll Hydrogen Pro 125mm X-Firm wheel. This model has a double core and is manufactured in the USA. The professional Inline-Speed Team skates on it during competitions. Impressions...

test xx2i hawaii1 sunglasses 01

All Street skating Long distance skating Accessories tests

Reviewing The XX2i Hawaii1 Sunglasses

Par alfathor | Le 17/11/2017 | 0 | 2792
The Hawaii1 sunglasses are one of many models made by the company XX2i optics. The glasses' sleek design, effective performance, and aesthetic qualities have rendered them a constant presence in the athletic and skating world. Here is how they function from a speed skaters perspective.

test powerslide tau trinity 2017 small

All Slalom skating Skates tests

Testing the Tau 80 Carbon Trinity Slalom Skates by Powerslide

Par Luc BOURDIN | Le 30/08/2017 | 0 | 10799
After testing the Powerslide Kaze earlier this year, Powerslide gives us the opportunity to have a go with the Tau, the brand's key model for freestyle slalom skating. And we certainly were not disappointed!

test powerslide infinity 125DD (1)

All Street skating Long distance skating Speed-skating test-roller

Testing the Infinity Plus 125 DD Wheels by Powerslide

Par Aurélien GACHET | Le 10/08/2017 | 0 | 10373
The OLS Team has just tested a set of Dual Density Infinity Plus 125 DD wheels by Powerslide: here is our feedback...

review rudy project sterling helmet 01

All Speed-skating Accessories tests

Reviewing The Rudy Project "Sterling" Helmet

Par alfathor | Le 28/07/2017 | 0 | 7413
Rudy Project is a company that has created and sells many different styles and models of helmets. The "Sterling" model is the one most popular amongst American speed skaters. Its sleek design and range of features make it a top selling helmet for many who speed skate.

All Speed-skating Frames tests

Test of the Cadomotus DualBox®5 3x125mm frame

Par alfathor | Le 04/01/2017 | 0 | 11921
In 2016 Cadomotus produced a new inline speed skating frame called DualBox 5. Thierry Feutrier did some testing with it and tells us here what he found out...

test reign roller hockey powerslide small

All Inline-hockey Skates tests

Testing the Reign Helios Inline Hockey Skates

Par alfathor | Le 16/12/2016 | 0 | 15189
Powerslide recently entered the world of inline hockey with the creation of the brand Reign, with 4 models to the 2017 collection. We had the opportunity to test the Reign Helios Skates, the top-range model of the brand. Here are the feedbacks of Romain Masson and Eric Perraudin...