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All Speed-skating Accessories tests

Test: Twincam ILQ-X MR2 Bearings

Par alfathor | Le 21/11/2008 | 0 | 32957
Since the arrival of the micro-bearings in the early 2000's, few technological innovations followed. At the end of 2008, Twincam proposed a new product destined to speed skating: the ILQ-X MR2. This model has been revised since then, and we had the opportunity to have the new version in our hands thanks to EO Skates. (New) try...

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All Accessories tests

Speed-skating pads

Par alfathor | Le 27/10/2008 | 0 | 9906
Speed-skating and downhill are the fastest practices. Speed-skaters generally know how to fall and don't use standard protective equipments. Protections are cumbersome and they hamper the moves. Following some tricks...

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All Street skating Long distance skating Wheels tests

Review: Bont G4 High Roller Red 100mm 85A

Par alfathor | Le 30/08/2008 | 0 | 20044
Bont wishes to jump back in force into the inline racing wheel market. With this 4th generation of urethane, the Australians venture into Matter and MPC territories. After having tested the Mint Green 110mm wheels, let's focus this time on the G4 Red, in 100mm...

Speed-skating Frames tests


Par alfathor | Le 06/06/2008 | 0 | 16136

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All Long distance skating Speed-skating Skates tests

Test : Bont semi-Race (2008)

Par Pierre LABAUNE | Le 12/08/2007 | 0 | 45552
Everybody was talking about the new Bont Semi-race inline skate. It is here ! At Last. We were waiting for its release to test it. The last born of the australian firm try to offer a compromise between speed performance and longue distance comfort. Our impressions...