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Bont Supercell 2.0 inline frame

Speed-skating frames-test

Testing the Bont Supercell 2.0 inline frame

Par alfathor | Le 26/12/2021 | 0 | 743
The Supercell 2.0 is the second opus of the Australian brand's carbon inline speed skating frame. We had the opportunity to try this high-end 4x110mm model for a few months. Here are our feedbacks..

Testing the Bont Avenger wheel

Speed-skating Skates tests

Testing the Bont Avenger 110mm wheels

Par alfathor | Le 18/12/2021 | 0 | 499
The French distributor of the Australian brand Bont sent us a set of Avenger wheels. This 110mm wheel is dedicated to inline speed-skating. Its specificity: an aluminum core and MPC polyurethane. Here are our impressions after several months of testing...

Testing the Jackson Ultima Mirage inline frame

inline figure-skating Figure skating frames-test

Testing the Jackson Ultima Mirage inline frame

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 17/04/2021 | 0 | 1992
Jackson Ultima skates is a Canadian brand created by the 1962 World Figure Skating Champion, Don Jackson. Jackson regularly equips international competitors such as Nathan Chen, Alexandra Trusova, since 1966. The Jackson Mirage frame we are going to talk about has just been released because of multiples closed ice rinks...

Pic Skate Jazz wheels

Figure skating inline figure-skating wheel-test

Testing the artistic inline skating Pic Skates Jazz wheels

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 07/04/2021 | 0 | 577
Pic skate is a brand renowned brand in the world of artistic inline skating. Its Geneva model is popular. The American firm now offers a brand new and more powerful wheel: the Jazz.

test platine std starlight 01

All Hybrids Figure skating inline figure-skating Hybrides Frames tests

Testing the inline artistic skating STD Startlight frame

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 11/07/2020 | 0 | 2224
The STD Starlight frame was designed by Carlos Mur's company, L’Estel Skates. He is the official supplier of the Spanish and Catalan Federation of Roller Skating. He regularly sponsors international competitors. The Starlight STD frame, which we're going to talk about, came out hurriedly during the COVID19 lockdown in early 2020.

test chausson intuition skate v2 noir orange small

All Aggressive skating Accessories tests

Testing the Intuition skate V2 Liner

Par Thomas BORDIER | Le 25/04/2020 | 0 | 2405
Since Seba Skate and FR Skate or Them Skate have integrated Intuition shoes into their skates, many skaters have turned to these models. It's time to take a closer look at this "liner", which is still sold in the shops for 200€...

test roller oxelo mf900 small

All Freeride skating Skates tests

Testing the Freeride Oxelo MF900 skate

Par alfathor | Le 07/01/2020 | 0 | 9379
Oxelo has launched its second freeride skate model. After the MF500 with 3x80 mm wheels, the MF900 is now equipped with three 110 mm wheels, which are also suitable for skating in urban areas. The test bench...

test roue mpc freestyle mono densite 2019 small

All Slalom skating Wheels tests

Wheel test report of the MPC Freestyle X-Firm 72 and 76mm

Par alfathor | Le 27/10/2019 | 0 | 2912
During a visit to the Universkate area we got a set of MPC Freeride wheels for testing. The American brand is well known for the excellent quality of its wheels in inline speed skating. We tested the single density model in 72 and 76 mm. The test result...

test platine roll line linea 2019 small

All Hybrids Figure skating inline figure-skating Hybrides Accessories tests

Testing the Roll-Line Línea Artistic Skating Frames

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 13/09/2019 | 0 | 9541
Roll-Line is the world leader in artistic quad skate plates. In September 2018, the Italian company started manufacturing a brand-new frame, designed for inline artistic skating: the Línea. This model aims at offering top performances to inline artistic practitioners. It is destined to professionals and demanding skaters. Test bench...

test bottine risport royal elite 01

All Hybrids Figure skating inline figure-skating Hybrides Accessories tests

Testing the Risport Royal Elite Artistic Skating Boots

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 12/09/2019 | 0 | 3553
Based in Montebelluna, Italy, Risport has been one of the leading brands of skating boots for almost half a century. With the expert advice of our partner Interglace Paris, we have tested the Risport Royal Elite model, designed for experienced skaters. Impressions...