There are hundreds of different pairs of roller-skates available on the market. To choose roller-skates or inline skates required to consider several parameters such as your practice, your skill level in skating. If you want to practice recreational skating or inline speed-skating or even street skating or slalom, skate models are very different. Here are some articles to help you in your choice …

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Inline figure skating brands all around the World

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 19/04/2020 | 0 | 4198
Priscillia took an eye to the main manufacturers of inline figure skating frames all around the World. Find the setup which will fit you the most...

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How to choose your wheels for inline figure skating ?

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 19/01/2019 | 0 | 5035
The choice of your wheels to practice inline figure skating depends on several parameters: the ground on which you skate, your weight, your specialty. So many criteria that must be refined to choose the right model...

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Inline speed skating wheels: what are the differences between mono and dual-density wheels?

Par Vernon SULLIVAN | Le 24/09/2018 | 0 | 7742
We met Yann Guyader who is the product manager in Rollerblade and he explained us the difference between insert-wheels and interlock-wheels...

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Why 3 Wheel skates do have such a golden future

Par alfathor | Le 01/08/2016 | 0 | 65013
Everyone could notice a multiplication of three wheel skates on the market. Every big brand has now produced new skates in all different kinds of skating, like Slalom, fitness, speed-skating and even inline hockey. But what is the real secret behind that configuration? Analyse...

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Speed Slalom: The advent of the 3x110 mm set-up

Par alfathor | Le 20/07/2015 | 0 | 14384
For several months now, 3x110 m short frames have invaded speed slalom competitions. Alexandre Claris, Yohan and Jimmy Fort have already adopted this set-up with success. OLS analyses the frame to discover its pros and cons...

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Is 2015 the comeback year of 165 mm mounting?

Par alfathor | Le 10/04/2015 | 0 | 13734
2003 was a turning point in the design of skate boots with the arrival of 195 mm interaxial distance, enabling to enter 4 wheels of 100 mm. What if the spreading of 3-wheel skates stimulated the comeback of 165 mm mounting?

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Testing the 3x125 mm set-up

Par alfathor | Le 24/02/2014 | 0 | 31559
5x80, 5x84, 4x100 and now 3x125 mm? Even if the FIRS hasn't yet authorized the diameter, brands like Powerslide actively campaign for it. It would undeniably reinvigorate the market, but what about performances? Here are the first impressions of OLS…

Figure skating

Choosing your Artistic Skate wheels

Par alfathor | Le 07/01/2014 | 0 | 25192
Whether they are rough, slippery, dusty, each indoors floor has special features. Here are some enlightening pieces of advice given by Guillaume Wagner in order to make the best choice of wheels according to your needs in Artistic Skating or roller dance…

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Inline downhill: where to find your skates and how to get it cheap

Par Alexandre LEBRUN | Le 15/02/2013 | 0 | 38628
There are a very few inline downhill skates available on the market, so customizing is certainly the best solution to get the best. How to choose the most adapted spare parts? Tips ...

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Technical description of the MPC Turbo speed skating wheels

Par alfathor | Le 05/06/2012 | 0 | 12314
After a lackluster year and a half with lots of breakage problems, MPC is back in the news with reworked speed skating wheels. Explanation of the changes that have been brought to the existing models by Yann Guyader…