Team Sweden at Men’s Roller Derby 2014 World Cup

Team Sweden at Men’s Roller Derby 2014 World Cup

All though the sport is widely spread amongst the female inhabitants of Sweden, the men have not come that far yet. There are not a single full roster men´s roller derby league in Sweden.

Sweden in roller derby

There are the Gothenburgh Salty Seamen with 10 active skaters, and one team in Malmö, The Malmö Royals with 6 male skaters.
The rest of the players in SweMRD comes from Luleå, Gävle and Västerås. Stockholm have failed to produce male skaters. The distance between Malmö and Luleå is aprox 1500 kilometers. So gathering the team has been a challenge. However under the banner “the Dirty Few” we have gathered and played a couple of tournaments. Finishing 5 in the battle of the beasts II. Finishing 4th in the Kings of the North tournament.

SweMRD is driven by brotherhood and kindness to all.

Derby Name Charter Number Home League
Rå-djuret 1 Salty Seamen
Enjoyboy 3 Malmö
Mick Jäger 13 Salty Seamen:
Slutty Summer 27 Malmö
fnolis/Rönnerup 42 Malmö Royals
Kickass Krutsson 61 Luleå
BadgerBadger 64 Malmö Royals
Hellvis 75 Luleå
MegaWhat 76 Västerås
Adeerable Bambi 269 Salty Seamen
Mr Nice Guy 333 Malmö Royals
Xploit 404 Malmö Royals
Block Watson 221b Salty Seamen
Sweet Jackie 5×3 Salty Seamen
Rolling Roadkill C64  
Ol’ Nerdy Bastard G33K Salty Seamen
Jada-jada Y4U Salty Seamen
Ankefar Head Coach Crime City Rollers.
Obnoxious Li Bench Coach London Rockin Rollers


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