Bont Supercell 2.0 inline frame


Testing the Bont Supercell 2.0 inline frame

Par alfathor | Le 26/12/2021 | 0 | 743
The Supercell 2.0 is the second opus of the Australian brand's carbon inline speed skating frame. We had the opportunity to try this high-end 4x110mm model for a few months. Here are our feedbacks..

test platine powerslide triple x 3x125mm small

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Testing the Powerslide Triple X 3×125 mm Speed Skating Frame

Par alfathor | Le 28/12/2015 | 0 | 14657
The FIRS has just authorized the use of 3x125 mm frames (and wheels) on marathons, for junior, senior and master categories. This set-up is spreading little by little amongst long distance competitors and lovers. We got hold of Powerslide's latest creation: the Triple X 3x125 mm frame. Feedbacks...

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Meeting Gwendal Lepivert (France)

Par alfathor | Le 09/10/2012 | 1 | 12655
If Gwendal Lepivert has not got himself much talked about until now, the least to say is that he impressed everybody with his results at the last world championships, standing up to the world leaders. And the French skater seems quite determined to strike harder. Meeting…