Results of the 2017 Athens to Atlanta Race (USA)

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Results of the 2017 Athens to Atlanta Race (USA)

The mythical endurance skating race took place on October 8, 2017. For the 36th edition, the skaters’ pack started off in the rain for a 140 km race from one city to another, in the heart of the United States. It’s a long-time participant of the event, veteran Eddy Matzger (USA), who won the race in 4 hours and 53 minutes, in front of two other distance experts: Francisco Ramirez (USA) and Peter Doucet (CAN). The first woman, Sandra Spirovska (USA), completed the course in 6 hours and 11 minutes.

Scratch Ranking

  1. Eddy Matzger (USA) – Twincam – 4h53min35s
  2. Francisco Ramirez (USA) – MPC World Team
  3. Peter Doucet (CAN) – TISC
  4. Sebastian Guzman Bitar (VEN) – MPC World Team
  5. Kent Sutherland (USA) – ICB
  6. Parker Bugg (USA) – APRR
  7. Antti Haljak (EST)
  8. Arnav Sonic Shah (USA) – Empire Speed
  9. Brian Oswald (USA) – Skater’s Quest
  10. Ben Price (USA) Thuro Skate Shop
  11. Bruce Sienkowski (USA)
  12. Sandra Spirovska (USA) – ICB – 6h11min14s
  13. Greg Miller (USA) – Asphalt Beach
  14. Javier Planchez (USA) – Team Pines (FL)
  15. Sam Fistel (USA) – APRR
  16. Herb Gayle (CAN) – Team Hoigaard’s
  17. Mark SibertvTriangle Skate Club
  18. John Charbonneau (USA) – Labadasheau Speed
  19. Parth Sharma (USA) – Sprinters
  20. Kelly Molyneaux Rose (USA) – Detroit Skaters
  21. Sarai Pegram (USA) – Empire Speed
  22. David Kaplan (USA) – Triangle Skate Club
  23. Dale Carlisle (USA)
  24. Marshall Mort (USA)
  25. Rick Sadlier (USA) – APRR
  26. Ginger Sadlier (USA) – APRR 


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