2017 Berlin Skating Marathon: Bart Swings strikes again!

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2017 Berlin Skating Marathon: Bart Swings strikes again!

Berlin, 23rd September 2017, The Grand Slam of Inline skating culminated today on its sixth and last leg of this year´s WORLD INLINE CUP. Berlin, saw around 5600 inline skaters and a great elite field, probably the best ever. The marathon race on the 42-kilometer loop was accompanied by an extended inline skating programme featuring several kids´ races.

Men’s race

Belgian Bart Swings (Powerslide Matter Racing Team) repeats his win in the world’s largest inline marathon followed by Spaniard Patxi Peula (EO Skates World Team) who wins the overall World Inline Cup ranking.

Men’s race decided at Brandenburg gate 300 metres from the finish line

” This victory is so different to last year’s when I had won in a mass sprint. This year I was skating together with Patxi, who was very strong for about 27 kilometres, but I could leave him behind on the last couple of hundreds of meters ” – Bart Swings


Women’s race

Surprise in the womens race as two skaters from Argentina, Maira Yaqueline Arias and Rocio Berbel Alt upset the European elite skater establishment. Katharina Rumpus won the WIC trophy after a fifth place in Berlin today.

Two skaters broke away early and arrived five minutes ahead of the third. These were the two Argentinians, the winner Maira Yaqueline Arias (MX TAKINO Team) and runner-up Rocio Berbel Alt. Sandrine Tas (Powerslide Matter World) got third.

“This is something I had not expected! To win the most prestigious inline marathon on the road feels just great!” – Maira Arias

Main results

Berlin Men’s results

Pos. Name Nation Team Time
1 Swings, Bart BEL Powerslide/Matter Racing T… 00:58:42
2 Peula, Patxi ESP EOSkates World Team 00:58:48
3 Rijhnen, Felix GER Powerslide/Matter Racing T… 01:00:21
4 Beddiaf, Nolan FRA EOSkates World Team 01:00:21
5 Fernandez, Ewen FRA Powerslide/Matter Racing T… 01:00:21
6 Ariens, Crispijn NED OKAY powerslide 01:00:25
7 Hekman, Gary NED Bont Skates 01:00:51
8 Michael, Peter NZL Powerslide/Matter Racing T… 01:00:52
9 Wenger, Livio CHE Powerslide/Matter Racing T… 01:00:52
10 Patino Dorado, Hamilton COL Powerslide 01:00:52
11 De Souza, Elton FRA MX Takino 01:00:52
12 Araldi, Juan Cruz ARG Argentina 01:00:52
13 Hoolwerf, Bart NED OKAY powerslide 01:00:52
14 Foucher, Flavien FRA EOSkates World Team 01:00:52
15 Levrard, Julien FRA IKK BB / Pure Racing Team 01:00:52
16 Medard, Indra BEL Chauvin Arnoux Racing Team 01:00:53
17 Guyader, Yann FRA Rollerblade World Team 01:00:53
18 Paez, Mike MEX Mexico 01:00:53
19 de Gier, Casper NED Team NL 01:00:53
20 Reist, Yves CHE Chauvin Arnoux Racing Team 01:00:53
21 Suttels, Jason GER Belgian Skate Friends 01:00:53
22 Berga, Ingmar NED OKAY powerslide 01:00:53
23 Paredes, Sebastian VEN Rollerblade World Team 01:00:53
24 Bastidas Rodriguez, Alexander José VEN Pecbi.de 01:00:53
25 Mulder, Marthijn NED Team NL 01:00:53

Berlin Women’s results

Pos. Name Nation Team Time
1 Arias, Maira Yaqueline ARG MX TAKINO International T… 01:06:35
2 Berbel Alt, Rocio ARG Argentina 01:06:38
3 Tas, Sandrine BEL Powerslide/Matter Racing T… 01:11:59
4 Thum, Mareike GER Arma Racing 01:12:52
5 Rumpus, Katharina GER Powerslide/Matter Racing T… 01:12:52
6 Ancin, Maite ESP A.D. SAN JUAN-DONIBA… 01:12:52
7 Roosenboom, Bianca NED XI Tulips-Powerslide 01:12:52
8 Onate Jimenez, Maialen ESP Castellonspain Roller Marathon 01:12:52
9 Pouydebat, Juliette FRA Pibrac Roller Skating 01:12:52
10 Valanzano, Giorgia ITA Team Flyke/Belotti 01:12:52
11 Arnedo Cancio, Elizabeth COL Rs-Racing Colombia 01:12:52
12 Ulbrich, Katja GER der-rollenshop.de Powerslide… 01:12:52
13 Berg, Sabine GER TAX Racing Team 01:12:52
14 Lefeuvre, Marine FRA Ligne Droite Powerslide 01:12:53
15 Peveri, Laura ITA Team Bont Italia 01:12:53
16 Quintana Herrera, Aura Cristina COL Rollerblade World Team 01:12:53
17 Vonk, Berber NED Atom Skates 01:12:53
18 Geoffroy, Chloé FRA Ligne Droite Powerslide 01:12:53
19 Camarin, Carlotta ITA Team Belotti Flyke Italia 01:12:53
20 Lindarte Garaviz, Daniela Andrea COL Rs-Racing Colombia 01:12:54
21 Hurtado Malagon, Stephanie Andrea COL Rs-Racing Colombia 01:12:54
22 Rodriguez, Viviana CHI ACE 01:12:55
23 Odlazek, Ana SLO Rolerski Klub Ljubljana 01:12:56
24 van Maaren, Clarissa NED Btf Skate Team 01:12:56
25 De Jong, Maya NED Van Lingen Skeelers 01:12:56

Complete results here

Final rankings of the 2017 World Inline Cup

After six legs in Incheon (KOR), Rennes (FRA), Dijon (FRA), Ostrava (CZE), Harbin (CHN) and Berlin (GER).

Men’s overall ranking

  1.  Patxi Peula ESP, EO Skates World Team – 494 points
  2.  Ewen Fernandez FRA, XYZ Team – 470 points
  3.  Bart Swings BEL, Powerslide Matter Racing Team – 444 points

Women’s overall ranking

  1.  Katharina Rumpus GER, Powerslide Matter Racing Team – 539 points
  2. Ana Odlazek UKR – 322 points
  3. Chloé Geoffroy FRA, Powerslide Ligne Droite – 206 points

Junior Men

  1. Martin Ferrié FRA, EOSkates World Team – 116 points
  2. Jan Pribik CZE, Czech National Junior Team – 107 points
  3. Doucelin Pedicone FRA – 96 points

Junior Women

  1. Chloé Geoffroy FRA, Powerslide Ligne Droite – 206 points
  2. Mariia Shostak UKR, SAM Racing Team – 21 points

Both the Men’s and Women’s Team Ranking was won the by Powerslide Matter Racing Team.


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