Wheel test report of the MPC Freestyle X-Firm 72 and 76mm

During a visit to the Universkate area we got a set of MPC Freeride wheels for testing. The American brand is well known for the excellent quality of its wheels in inline speed skating. We tested the single density model in 72 and 76 mm. The test result…

test roue mpc freestyle mono densite 2019 small

Summary of our opinion

It is not surprising that MPC delivers a beautifully designed wheel. The MPC Freestyle X-Firm single-density wheel has excellent grip and very even use. At no point during our tests did they lose grip. You had to try hard to slide so that they started to slip. Despite the small core, they rolled quite well. They may lack a bit of elasticity, but they are suitable for most skaters looking for a comfortable, versatile and powerful freeride wheel.

Technical data sheet

Test de la roue MPC Freestyle

MPC Freestyle Wheel Test Brand: MPC
Model: Freestyle
Seal: Mono density (yellow) and Bi density (grey)
Year: 2019
Manufacturing: USA
Hardness: X-Firm (measured 84A)
Available diameters: 72, 76 and 80 mm
Weight: 76 grams in 72 mm and 88 grams in 76 mm
Observed official price: 9 € per roll in mono density / 13 € per roll in bi density
Recommended use: regular training of roller freeride and slalom freestyle in leisure or competition.


Pros and cons


+ Good rolling ability
+ Excellent grip
+ Slow use


– Price

The test in detail

MPC and Sébastien Laffargue

Test MPC Freestyle wheels

The MPC freestyle wheel was created from the collaboration between the famous American wheel brand MPC and the French Champion Sebastien Laffargue, who also created the brands Seba and FR.

Test of MPC Freestyle wheels

MPC’s products are well known in the world of inline speed skating, where they have won many international podium places. We knew little about their freeride/freestyle wheel models until now.

Successful design

Aesthetically, the MPC Freestyle MPCs with their fluorescent yellow color and acid green core do not go unnoticed. The black and white silk-screen print with skull and crossbones as well as the various technical information are quite easy to recognize. It is complemented by the discreet signature of Sébastien Laffargue. The wheel was well received by the drivers we showed it to.

An original design

The MPC Freestyle wheels have the great feature that they have only a very small solid core in which the bearings are mounted. Therefore they consist of almost 100% polyurethane. This manufacturing method is generally found in street skating, where the wheels are much smaller. The risk of core breakage is thus considerably reduced. However, this design affects the characteristics of the wheel, as it loses rigidity and lightness.

The profile of the MPC Freestyle wheel is very elliptical, similar to a road bike. This reduces friction and increases handling, but can affect grip.

Choose your model: single or double density?

Attention, there are two versions of this model:

  • A mono-density version (yellow)
  • A version with double density (grey).

We have tested the yellow model in mono density.

MPC Freestyle wheels by Sébastien Laffargue


Rolling resistance

MPC Freestyle wheelsThe MPC Freestyle wheel has a low rolling resistance despite the absence of a large core. The wheel does not give way when used in urban areas.

A good grip

The grip is excellent. Despite several attempts to make them slide in freestyle slalom, they retained their grip.

You had to really try and do a lot of slides with the wheels to roughen the surface enough for the shuffles to succeed. Once slightly worn, the sliding becomes more even. This is a proof for the good quality of the polyurethane. When slaloming, however, wear and tear should be avoided in this way.

Slow and regular wear

The surface remained homogeneous during our tests. The quality of the MPC polyurethane is perfect. Even during the intensive slide sessions, it took a long time for the surface to wear out. We didn’t see any cracks breaking out of pieces, as is the case with cheaper models.

A beautiful finish

The processing is clean. There is no material defect at the connection between the core and the polyurethane. There was only a piece of PU left at the edge of the PU end, which quickly fell off when the wheel was used. No bubbles were found on the surface.

Price-performance ratio

With an official price of 9 to 13 € per wheel in mono density, the MPC freestyle wheel is in the upper midfield of the market. The quality is very attractive, so the investment remains interesting. However, compared to other popular models like the Hyper Concrete wheel, it represents a relatively high price.



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