Testing the Intuition skate V2 Liner

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Since Seba Skate and FR Skate or Them Skate have integrated Intuition shoes into their skates, many skaters have turned to these models. It’s time to take a closer look at this “liner”, which is still sold in the shops for 200€…

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Our opinion in brief

Despite its high price, the Intuition Skate V2 Liner brings more grip, comfort and responsiveness to our inline skates. The boots fit all feet, but also all skates with inner shoes. The strength of the liner is its durability, it lasts over time and does not compress at the ankles.
Weak point: the smell retained by the material, but the liner can be washed at low temperature, so this smell problem is easy to solve.
Strengths and areas for improvement

Pros and cons

The pros

+ Comfort
+ Sustainability
+ Precision on all feet
+ Reactivity

The cons

– The high price
– The smell of sweat

Technical data sheet

Brand: Intuition
Name: Skate V2
Structure: flexible
thickness of the sole: 7 mm
Volume: medium
Ventilation: Ventilation holes in the toes
Damping: including wedge heel
Hygiene: antimicrobial treatment
Height: 16-20 cm
Weight: 300 to 490 g depending on size
Price: 200 €

Available sizes:
XXS : 21-22,5cm
XS :23-24,5cm
S :25-26,5cm
M :27-28,5cm
L: 29-30,5cm
XL: 31-32,5cm

Further technical specifications: Asymmetrical J-bars, front toe area with solid fabric, high impact compensated heel structure.

Test of the Intuition Skate V2 liner


The test in detail

About the Intuition brand

The Intuition brand has been around for over 25 years. It applied for its first patent on 7 October 1993. The brand specialises in the manufacture of high-performance shoes and top-of-the-range models. It produces for the biggest brands of board sports, especially for ski and snowboard, but also for sports on water and asphalt.


The Intuition Skate V2 inner boots are delivered in a small net. They have dense shock absorbers and extra foam for the ankle. In yellow they are slightly wider and softer.
Two big surprises: The inner shoes are folded and there is no comfort sole. However, once pulled over the foot, the shoe quickly returns to its original shape. A comfort insole is not obligatory as long as the shoe nestles close to the foot.

Ventilation of the liner

The Intuition Skate V2 Liner has ventilation holes on the sides, on the top of the toes and also under the foot. Ventilation is important because the closed cell foam liner is tight and therefore retains a lot of odour.

Lacing and precision of the liner

The lacing of the shoe works very well. It allows the foot to be well placed in the shoe to limit the low friction that can occur. It also prevents the movement of the tongue. Finally, the foam in the toe area, the “toe box”, allows the shoe to really adapt to the general shape of your foot.

Test of the Intuition Skate V2 liner


Once placed in the boot…

The advantage of this shoe is that it easily adapts to almost all skates with inner shoes. Whatever the practice, as long as the skate ends high, you can use an Intuition Liner. Depending on what you are looking for, you just have to match the right ankle foam to your shoe:

For a tight skate it is advisable to use the fine black foam, which gives the skate a little more stiffness.
For a wide skate shoe, the yellow foam should be used to gain comfort and avoid lateral movements of the foot in the skate.
However, depending on the size, it may or may not be necessary to add a comfort sole when the foot moves from front to back in the skate.
Once the innerboot is fitted to the skate, the Skate V2 will need a few hours to adapt to the feet. The shoe is then adapted to both the foot and the skate. This makes skating much more precise and responsive thanks to the high quality of the liner. It can be used in roller slalom, or on the way on a cycle path. You will not lose any of your footprint or comfort.

Which FR Skate and Them Skate models have an Intuition shoe?

The Intuition shoe that the FR skate models are equipped with is a black and white model that is currently available in the FR1 Deluxe Intuition 80.
In the Them Skate Intuition V1, the ankle foam is sewn onto the boot so that you can’t change it. A fine and dense foam was chosen. It fits very well with the Them Skate 908s. The boot also has small anti-slip patches that prevent it from moving in the skate.

Test of the Intuition Skate V2 liner



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