Testing the Freeride Oxelo MF900 skate

Oxelo has launched its second freeride skate model. After the MF500 with 3×80 mm wheels, the MF900 is now equipped with three 110 mm wheels, which are also suitable for skating in urban areas. The test bench…

test roller oxelo mf900 small

The MF900, an upgraded version of the Oxelo MF900

The video of the test (in French)

Our opinion in brief

For only 110 € Oxelo offers a freeride skate model for beginners and for skaters who want to improve their potential. It has a comfortable, stiff shell that provides good comfort. The thin buckles must be handled gently. They have shown some signs of fragility. The rail proves to be efficient in urban areas and offers a good skating experience. The slightly long frame could have been shortened for better handling and lowered for more stability.

Pros and cons


+ The thick inner shoe
+ The possibility to replace most parts
+ The price-performance ratio


– Height and length of the frame
– The fine and fragile buckle

Test of the Oxelo MF900

Technical data sheet

Test of the Oxelo MF900

Brand: Oxelo
Model: MF900
Year: 2019-2020
Colour: khaki, black, white
Shell: thermoplastic polyethylene
Inner shoe: synthetic (PU coated), polyester, lycra
Closure: laces and two buckles
Sole: EVA
Mounting distance: 165 mm
Frame: 6063 T5 Aluminium 247 mm
Axles: double (axle + screw) of 8 mm
Maximum wheel size: 110 mm
Wheels: Oxelo 110mn 86A
bearing: 608ZZ – ABEC 7
Axles: Metal
Lubrication: grease
Brake: supplied with the product but not assembled – Rubber brake
Available sizes: EU 36.5-49
Weight: 1695 grams in 40 EU countries (one skate, or 3390 grams per pair)
Observed retail price: 110 €.
Delivered with: Spare axle, screws

Recommended use: Regular freeriding and skating in the city.

Competitive products: Powerslide One Zoom 100, RB 110 3WD, Roces X35 3×110 TIF, Powerslide Venice Black, Powerslide Bronx SuperCruiser

The test in detail

Test of the Oxelo MF900We have tested the Oxelo MF900 in all weather conditions, so there is no reason you can’t wear it! The REL team had already tested its predecessor, the Oxelo MF500 HB, with 80mm wheels… Decathlon decided to step on the toes of its competitors with this model, as this sector already has a lot to offer.


Oxelo has opted for a decidedly urban colour combination: khaki, black and white. This combination is quite successful. The skate shows a sober, almost military aspect that makes its impact. This color selection corresponds to the freeride style and our 3 testers liked it.

The stiff shell

The shell of the MF900 is similar to that of the MF500 HB. It is a model with a rigid polyethylene structure.
The shoe has several openings on the front, sides and back of the foot. The deep shell can be disassembled with a hexagon wrench. It has a built-in reinforcement to protect the buckle. This also limits the risk of accidental opening.

There is also an extra protection on the side which limits the risk of damaging the shell in case of a crash. Bonus: It can be dismantled and thus replaced.
The lower part is equipped with two aluminium inserts under the heel and toe. They promote better power transmission during the impression and allow finer adjustment of the splint.

Forwards and backwards flexibility

The frontward and backward flexion is done without difficulty. In time you forget that you have a skate on your foot.

Test du roller Oxelo MF900

Closure: perfectible

Oxelo combined:

  • a lacing on the lower part of the foot
  • a first buckle on the instep
  • a second buckle in the middle of the shin.


Test du roller Oxelo MF900

This combination of laces and buckle is practical and efficient for freeriding. Nevertheless, we felt that the heel loosened a little with use. The feeling is all the more pronounced as the skate is quite high. So you have to lace up the whole system well to compensate for any loosening.

But the lacing is not that easy: The laces can hardly slide through the eyelets. Only the upper part can be laced really tight.

The lower buckle is equipped with a very thin slider that twists slightly when used. The strap does not slide well and is also not easy to tighten. It can bend and slip through, which makes it difficult to tighten.

In addition, the notches of the buckle wear out quickly, so that it loses tension when tightened. Unfortunately, this is a widespread defect on the market.
The upper buckle does its job.

Support is fine

The shell and inner shoes of the MF900 fit snugly. The foot is generally well supported, as long as you take the time to get the laces and buckles tight enough.
The skating is quite easy. We even put the skate through its paces in speed slalom and it passed the test with flying colours.

Good general comfort

The first feeling you get when putting on the Oxelo MF900 is the thickness of the removable inner shoe. The foot is surrounded by numerous pads, e.g. around the ankle, or even at the tips of the toes. In the beginning it is a compressing feeling, but that disappears after about 2 hours. The fact that the foot lies well in the inner shoe and the shell is remarkable.

The frame: adjustable, a little high and long

The Oxelo MF900 is supplied with a 6063 aluminium frame. The construction is relatively simple. It has no real reinforcements, but still maintains a good overall stiffness.

The frame has 3 rectangles on the front and back, which offer good adjustment possibilities. It can therefore be adjusted lengthwise and crosswise.
We can see that the two back wheels have less distance to each other than the front wheel. Generally this type of configuration is used for speed slalom models. We did not experience any complaints in connection with this unusual configuration.

Test du roller Oxelo MF900

Oxelo could have left a little less space under the shell. This would have made the skate lower and more stable, especially since it is equipped with “big” wheels. The choice of a frame length of 247 mm is probably linked to the aim of providing a certain stability for beginners. By reducing the distance between the wheels, a gain in manoeuvrability would have been considerable. The advantage of the extra length is a safer and firmer stand, which allows a stronger pushes.

Wheels: 110 mm 86A

The wheels offered by Oxelo as standard are black at the back and white at the front. We had the opportunity to test them directly in the rain. They behave differently on wet ground depending on the type of surface. The grip always remains similar. Oily surfaces such as smooth asphalt bike paths and greasy bus lanes should be avoided; the grip became more precarious there and we had to go slowly.
On dry roads the wheels have good grip and the ride is quite good for a product in this price range. You get very good speed peaks without much effort.

Good bearings

For the MF500, Oxelo 608ZZ ABEC offers 7 ball bearings that cannot be dismantled. They withstood the shock of the 20 km long rain ride perfectly. They remained quiet for the rest of the test.

Value for money

At €110, the MF900 offers very satisfactory equipment that is competitive with other, more expensive, products. The model has some very satisfactory settings and good quality.


Except for the buckles, which are a bit fragile, the whole skate has a completely acceptable overall appearance. We appreciate the possibility of adjusting and replacing some parts, such as the buckles and the anti-abrasion insert on the side of the body.

Photo galley


The MF900 on Oxelo’s Website

Testing the Oxelo Sneak-In

Tested by BitumWalker and Alfathor
Photos: Oxelo and Alfathor


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