The world of skating is living through its champions on wheels, its skating volunteers, thanks to a multitude of public and private actors who invest every day in their passion. These interviews of prominent persons should help you better understand the richness of our practice

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Jakob Ulreich VS Austrian Federation

Par alfathor | Le 24/10/2021 | 0 | 72
I will start with some small stories before European Championships, because this story goes back some years. To make it short, we had our differences between Robert Petutschnigg and I already for long time...

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Interview with Adam Jukes, Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 28/06/2021 | 0 | 287
Today we meet Adam Jukes, Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist. This inline artistic skater skates with her partner Rosie. This practice could seem to be oldfashioned but it is becoming more and more popular all around the World...

Simon Crowhurst

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Interview with Simon Crowhurst, fonder of the Black Onyx skating training apparel brand

Par alfathor | Le 29/11/2020 | 0 | 158
Today we're going to talk to you about an emerging brand of skating training apparel. Black Onyx, created by the talented Simon Crowhurst, offers us a collection that will give you back your strength and self-confidence.

Interview with Adam Jukes, Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 28/09/2020 | 0 | 2116
Interview with Adam Jukes, Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist with her partner Rosie

Mareike Thum

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Mareike Thum (Germany), conquering the record of the hour in inline skating

Par alfathor | Le 29/06/2020 | 0 | 1637
The team of has gone to meet the German inline speed skater Mareike Thum. Together with her compatriot Felix Rijhnen, she decided to break the hour record in roller skating on July 5, 2020, on the covered track of the Arena Geisingen (Germany). Interview...

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Germany's Felix Rijhnen takes on the world record for the hour in inline skating

Par alfathor | Le 08/06/2020 | 0 | 1634
The hour record is one of the legendary formats of cycling. Its equivalent in inline skating is much less well known but is just as much of a dream for skaters. On July 5, 2020, Felix Rijhnen, a member of the international Powerslide Matter team, will set off on the track at the Geisingen Arena to establish an official measure of the hour...

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Interview with Elisabet Martin Mora, vice-president of WIFSA

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 26/04/2020 | 0 | 1994
Elisabet Martin Mora is a former ice skating top athlete. She has now become vice-president of WIFSA (World Inline Figure Skating Organization). She tells us about her career and the evolution of the international association since its creation in 2010 ...

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Interview with Jennifer Wester, an eternal skating artist

Par Priscillia ARGUIMBAU-BOATTO | Le 17/03/2020 | 0 | 1602
Jennifer Wester is a former ice dance champion. Let's see together through this interview, how she managed to bring figure skating to the status of a work of art, thanks to her PicSkates !

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Interview: Sergio McCargo, Argentinean manufacturer of custom inline boots

Par alfathor | Le 16/02/2020 | 0 | 1636
Manufacturers of custom inline boots have a huge responsibility to provide skaters with perfect shoes that combine comfort, precision and performance. Argentinean Sergio McCargo has teamed up with German brand Powerslide to equip skaters around the world. A meeting...

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Interview with "Jean Jean" Chanet, half-pipe skater (Belgium)

Par alfathor | Le 23/12/2019 | 0 | 2409
We recently highlighted a few pipe champions such as Nicolas Mougin, Otto Bolanos, Eito and Takeshi Yasutoko. Let us continue our series of still active halfpipe legends with "Jean Jean" Chanet!