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To feel secure with roller skates under rain

Par alfathor | Le 22/11/2007 | 0 | 41361
Practice roller skating may happen sometimes under rain. Either a sudden shower get catch you far from home or you have decided as a rule going to train in all weathers. Don't stress, water is not a mischance (perhaps exception made for bearings). The goal of next advices is to ameliorate your behaviour and technique for better skating on wet ground..


Statistics of Skating Accidents

Par alfathor | Le 29/07/2007 | 0 | 54244
If skating is not especially more dangerous than any other sport, looking into skating accidents remains interesting. Traumatologic studies show that wrists are the most exposed parts of the body in case of a fall, but what about the others? Let's scan injuries…


How to wear and use a helmet?

Par alfathor | Le 25/07/2007 | 0 | 53353
It took a long time for helmet to became common in cycling, and it'll became justified. Most of cyclists use it every-time they ride on their bike. And what about roller? Why is it no more used? How to choose it? How much money have I to invest in? Here are some answers to this questions... Wearing a helmet pros or cons?

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Equipment: Choosing your wrist guards

Par alfathor | Le 20/07/2007 | 0 | 95345
Falls on the wrists are more than a third of the traumas recorded in the casualty departments of hospitals taking skaters in. It is quite normal, given that you instinctively try to absorb you fall with your hands. Here are a couple of tips for you to make the right choice.


Benefits of roller-skating on health

Par Vernon SULLIVAN | Le 28/09/2006 | 0 | 126506
Roller-skating may be enjoyed in many different ways: fitness, speed, long distance races, stunt, figure skating, inline or rink Hockey, roller-dancing... Every above-mentioned practice can be considered as a specific sport. In this article, our goal is to show some benefits of roller-skating, especially through fitness-skating: what is a good practice, working at moderate cardiovascular level, how to get a balanced diet?

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Tips to skate in the winter-time

Par alfathor | Le 04/04/2004 | 0 | 26105
Winter has come, with its rain and its biting cold. Skating is at the mercy of bad weather. Here are a few solutions in order to skate in the winter-time with total peace of mind...