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Downhill pads: the bare essential is the maximum

Par alfathor | Le 12/04/2009 | 0 | 25572
Downhill is probably the most extreme roller-skating practice. At speeds frequently above 70 kph, even a minor fall can cause very serious injuries. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced downhill skater, your protective equipment should be commensurate with the risks.

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Aggressive: street and stunt pads

Par alfathor | Le 31/01/2009 | 0 | 18418
Yes we know, you feel foolish when you're wearing "pads"... What else? Only idiots like fractures and head traumas, so don't make the tough and go speaking with famous riders at "X-Games". They will give you some pads advices...

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Precautions to take while skating by cold weather

Par alfathor | Le 14/12/2008 | 0 | 19171
We have already proposed some articles relative to the skating by warm or rainy weather, then here is a "burning" subject for the season : skating by cold weather! proposes you some craftiness to practice in optimal conditions...

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110 mm: stresses placed on muscles and joints

Par alfathor | Le 03/12/2008 | 0 | 75578
For lots of skaters, transitioning to 110 mm always causes several tendon and joint pains: knees and ankles are particularly put to the test. Then, transitioning to that new standard diameter requires a few precautions...


Strengthen your ankles for a better practice

Par alfathor | Le 11/06/2008 | 0 | 60787
The constant increasing of wheels diameter leads to the same effect on the deck's height from the ground. Keep in mind that speed-skating shoes are low high sized, and the stresses on the muscles and tendons drastically increase. Here are some keep fit exercises to strengthen your ankles...


Impact of pollution on skaters' health

Par COMMUNIQUE DE PRESSE | Le 23/03/2008 | 0 | 18673
Like cyclists, runners and other urban sports people, skaters suffer from pollution and its impact on their bodies. Stéphane Dupas offers to estimate the impacts of physical activity in cities. Report…

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Roller fitness protectives gears

Par Vernon SULLIVAN | Le 04/03/2008 | 0 | 17559
Millions of roller-skaters take part in rides each week all around the workd. It remains the less traumatic practice at a first view, but lot of beginners and occasional skaters take part in. Wearing protections is very recommended...

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Mapping out a route for a skating raid

Par alfathor | Le 28/01/2008 | 0 | 16756
You cannot get into a long distance skating raid without at least a little preparation: food, clothing, maps and routes are many parameters that should be taken into consideration. Unless you wish to try your luck in total adventure, here are a few tips to map out your route...

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Chiropody helps for making custom boots

Par alfathor | Le 23/01/2008 | 0 | 41053
Every one has particular feet, due to single and specific morphology. Most of skaters have to accommodate with it when choosing a pair of roller skates. This paper is devoted by REL to the benefits and help of chiropody concerning custom carbon fiber boots...

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Roller-Hockey protective gears

Par alfathor | Le 01/01/2008 | 0 | 16622
With downhill, hockey is the practice which requires the largest panel of pads/protections: helmet, shoulder pads, cup... Meanwhile, do not confuse "street-hockey" (leisure) and "roller-hockey" or "rink-hockey" (federal practices). Protections are recommended for the first and obligatory for the others...