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Going to work by skate: Good or bad idea?

Par alfathor | Le 11/12/2014 | 0 | 15683
Whether it is for economical, ecological or sports reasons, nearly two-thirds of the OLS readers usually or occasionally go to work by skate. How to optimize the conditions of your daily ride? Tips...


Skating and Electro-Stimulation

Par alfathor | Le 30/01/2014 | 0 | 10225
You want to surpass yourself and improve your skating performances? Weather conditions are not good enough during winter time for an efficient skating training? There may be a solution up to your sports motivation: electro-stimulation…


Skating and backache: What prevention?

Par alfathor | Le 02/01/2013 | 0 | 59481
Sooner or later, every skater is exposed to backache during their career: How to prevent it? We have collected the opinions of elite skaters…


What is the best moment of the day to skate?

Par alfathor | Le 15/12/2012 | 0 | 14725
Who never felt that they were not quite awake when they go skating early in the morning, or that they were dozy after lunch? Your body is governed by specific rhythms that you should know how to listen before going skating…


The seven deadly sins of the roller skating beginner

Par alfathor | Le 28/04/2012 | 0 | 37612
You are all excited at the idea of gliding on the cycle lanes and starting roller-skating. It is an excellent thing but be careful not to burn your wings… just like Icarius who wanted to fly too high and whose wings melt down. Here are a few pieces of advice not to let your dear wheels go to your head !

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Trekking: Safety instructions for open road skating

Par Vernon SULLIVAN | Le 29/01/2012 | 0 | 15599
The network of cycle ways and eco friendly ways is not homogeneous in France. Lots of skaters unavoidably end up going on the roads. Skating on roads requires a good number of precautions, which are simple but vital for your safety.

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Speed-skating and shaved legs

Par alfathor | Le 19/08/2011 | 0 | 27288
Like in bike and swim sport, most of speed skaters shave their legs. And we're not only talking about women! The leg hair removal is used for hygienic or functional reasons. Let's discover the various solutions to do it correctly...


What to do when you come across a stray dog

Par alfathor | Le 21/04/2011 | 0 | 28404
Relations between skaters and dogs are very unequal. While some dogs will be totally indifferent when you pass them, some may become completely mad. Here are a couple of tips to coexist with our stray friends…

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Impact of muscle stretching on health and sports practice

Par alfathor | Le 01/02/2011 | 0 | 45378
Stretch, they said! And what if we broke down prejudices on stretching? All our youth, they kept on telling us how good and essential it was to stretch for sports performances… And what if new studies were challenging all of that?


Skater kids: From what age?

Par alfathor | Le 30/11/2009 | 0 | 261409
Many parents want to buy skates to their kids from the earliest age… And all the more when they are skaters themselves. Irremediably, several questions come to people's minds: At what age can a kid start? What type of skates to buy? How to help them improve safely? Answers…