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Roller skating – High carbs vs low carbs diet?

Par COMMUNIQUE DE PRESSE | Le 20/02/2020 | 0 | 1691
For any professional skater (and even for an amateur skater), it is no longer a secret that skating is a sport that puts the physical ability of athletes to the test. And as with most other sports which solicit to some extent the human body, nutrition plays a fundamental role in maintaining the organism in excellent physical shape.

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The Powerslide Free Skate Team 2020

Par alfathor | Le 13/01/2020 | 0 | 3599
The German brand Powerslide sponsors a significant number of skaters worldwide. Its international freestyle skating team welcomes big names in a variety of freestyle disciplines. Jürgen Pfitzner, the manager of the team, tells us about his team.

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Presentation of the Roces roller skate catalogue 2018

Par Vernon SULLIVAN | Le 02/12/2017 | 0 | 5483
We are always curious about the new catalogues of every brand to see what development is going on. So we checked up the catalogues of Roces. State of affairs.

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Presentation of the 2018 Fila skates

Par alfathor | Le 02/11/2017 | 0 | 4660
We are having a quick look at the novelties of the new Fila catalog 2018. Long-distance, freeride or children's skates, here are some examples...

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Second Leg of the 2017 Downhill World Cup: Ambrose Downhill in Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Italy)

Par Alexandre LEBRUN | Le 26/07/2017 | 0 | 4951
The second leg of the 2017 Downhill World Cup took place in Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella on July 1 and 2, 2017. The 2.8 km course, set up north of Verona on the heights of the lake, gave a hard time to all competitors.

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Medal ranking at the 2017 European Speed Skating Championship

Par Vernon SULLIVAN | Le 14/07/2017 | 0 | 8574
Ten nations collected medals in Lagos, Portugal, at the 2017 European Speed Skating Championship. Let's compare with last year's results...

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Downhill Falls: First Leg of the 2017 Inline Downhill World Cup in Sora, Italy

Par Alexandre LEBRUN | Le 04/07/2017 | 0 | 4835
The first leg of the 2017 Inline Downhill World Cup took place in Sora (Frosinone), Italy, on June 24 and 25. Situated between Roma and Naples, the little town boasted a 1.3km downhill route, both technical and fast.

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2017 Dijon Skating Marathon: Powerslide's Heavy Blow

Par Aurélien GACHET | Le 11/06/2017 | 0 | 8870
The 2017 Skating Marathon of Dijon lived up to its reputation with races at very high pace, in both men's and women's categories. Ewen Fernandez and Bart Swings crushed the race with their breakaway, and Chloé Geoffroy caused a stir at the sprint in the women's.

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Indoor Speed Skating: the rules, technique, and races

Par Ben Brown | Le 02/06/2017 | 0 | 12028
Of the three main disciplines of inline speed skating: road, track, and indoor, indoor is the most popular one in the United States (where I am from). There are many differences between indoor and track, or road, and the way the skaters skate, the rules, and the race types are all unique, and always make for a fun time skating.

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2017 Montpellier FISE: Skating in the Spotlight

Par Vernon SULLIVAN | Le 30/05/2017 | 0 | 4190
The Extreme Sports International Festival (FISE) of Montpellier gave pride of place to skating for their 2017 edition, with an exceptional spot for the slopestyle event, right in the middle of Place de l'Europe...