Medal ranking at the 2017 European Speed Skating Championship

Ten nations collected medals in Lagos, Portugal, at the 2017 European Speed Skating Championship. Let’s compare with last year’s results…

Medal Chart

Track Events Medal Ranking

Pos. Nation  Médaille d'or Médaille d'argent Médaille de bronze TOTAL
1. ITA ITA 15 15 7 37
2. FRA FRA 11 7 10 28
3. BEL BEL 4 5 1 10
4. GER GER 3 1 2 6
5. ESP ESP 1 4 9 14
6. NED NED 1 3 3 7
7. AUT AUT 1 1 1 3
8. CZH CZH 0 0 1 1
8. POR POR 0 1 1
8. HUN HUN 0 1 1

Road Events Medal Ranking

Pos. Nation Médaille d'or Médaille d'argent Médaille de bronze TOTAL
1. ITA ITA 12 13 11 36
2. FRA FRA 9 8 9 26
3. ESP ESP 4 4 5 13
4. BEL BEL 3 5 2 10
5. NED NED 2 3 3 8
6. GER GER 2 0 3 5
7. AUT AUT 2  0  0 2
8. POR POR 0 1 1 2


Pos. Nation Médaille d'or Médaille d'argent Médaille de bronze TOTAL
1. ITA ITA 27 28 17 73
2. FRA FRA 20 15 19 54
4. BEL BEL 7 10 3 20
3. ESP ESP 5 7 14 27
6. GER GER 4 1 5 11
5. NED NED 3 6 6 15
7. AUT AUT 3 1 2 5
8. POR POR 0 1 2 3
9. CZH CZH 0 0 1 1
9. HUN HUN  0 1 1

Ten nations collected medals in Lagos, Portugal, at the 2017 European Speed Skating Championship, which is one more nation than in 2016. While Italy keeps hold of the lead, 2nd and 3rd ranks were closely fought over, and there have been changes!

1st — Italy Still Ruling

Italy gets the exact same number of medals as in 2016 (71!). The Squadra Azzurra can count on the new generation of skaters, who proved ready to succeed their eldest, collecting many gold medals: Anais Pedroni, Vincenzo Maiorca, Laura Peveri, Michael Gatti, Giorgia Bormida (3 individual titles), Laura Lorenzato (2 individual), Beatrice Fausti, Veronica Luciani. Let’s also add to the list the Junior B relay skaters: Beatrice Fausti, Giorgia Bormida, and Veronica Luciani.

The Seniors are still in the running too, with titles won by Daniele Di Stefano, Francesca Lollobrigida (5 individual titles), Stefano Mareschi (2 individual titles). Not to forget the Men’s relay team: by Daniel Niero, Giuseppe Bramante, Duccio Marsili, and Stefano Mareschi.

2nd — France: An Incredible Comeback

While the French had only gathered 9 titles in 2016, they come back this year with 20 gold medals!And with a giant leap of 10 extra medals compared to last year, France goes from 4th to 2nd in the European Ranking. The juniors also realized great performances, which is promising for the future: Mathilde Pedronno, Marine Kervoelen, Marie Dupuy, Valentin Thiebault (3 individual titles), Doucelin Pedicone, Bastien Lhomme, Martin Ferrié (3 individual titles). The Junior B relay team, Yvan Sivilier, Baptiste Allain, and Ewen Foussadier, reached the highest step of the podium, just like the Junior A relay team, made of Valentin Thiebault, Flavien Foucher, and Martin Ferrié.

In the Senior Men’s category, Timothy Loubineaud and Nolan Beddiaf (2 individual titles) brought the gold back home too.

3rd — Spain Completes the Top-3

Spain also does a great comeback in the Top-3 of the medal ranking. The delegation counted more skaters this year. The Spanish were more successful on road than on track.

Spain’s success essentially relies on the 3 individual titles of Jonathan Galar Orrio, and the 2 gold medal of Ioseba Fernandez.

4th — Belgium Slightly Improving

After getting 5th place in 2016, Begium goes up a notch, reaching 4th place in 2017.

While last year’s success was mostly thanks to Sandrine Tas and Bart Swings, this year the country owes its good ranking to Jason Suttels (3 titles).

Sandrine Tas and Bart Swings each get one individual title, as well as one team title: that of the Senior Men’s relay with Bart Swings, Mathias Vosté, and Tim Sibiet, as well as that of the Senior Women’s relay with Sandrine Tas, Stien Vanhoutte, and Anke Vos.

5th: The Netherlands Drop

The Dutch have fallen to 5th place, with 10 titles less than in 2016! Worse, their number of medals has been divided by 2.5!

Marijke Groenewoud limits the damage with two individual titles. Manon Kamminga gets one title.

6th — Germany

Germany has considerably dropped in the rankings, going from 3rd place to 6th!

However, the country can congratulate Jan Martin Mende, Ron Pucklitzsch, and Simon Albrecht (2) for their gold medals. The Senior Women’s relay team with Laethisia Schimek, Jenny Peissker, and Josie Hofmann, also won the continental title.

7th — Austria

Austria’s ranking mostly leans on Vanessa Herzog, who collects alone 3 individual titles and half the medals of her whole delegation.

Special Mention

The Czech Republic gets one bronze medal, that of Zdenek Sejpal, who won the Junior B 5km points race. Hungary also got one bronze, with Dominika Gardien, on the 15km elimination race in the Junior A Women’s.

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