Découvrez comment apprendre le roller. Grâce à nos articles d’apprentissage du patin à roulettes, le roller n’aura plus de secrets pour vous. Nous vous proposons de véritables cours de roller en ligne. Que vous soyez un patineur débutant qui vient tout juste de choisir des rollers ou bien un patineur régulier qui souhaite améliorer sa technique de patinage à travers des cours de roller en vidéo, vous découvrirez des explications détaillées ainsi que des vidéos d’apprentissage du roller.
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Braking: Parallel sliding

Par Alexandre LEBRUN | Le 30 January 2009 | 0 | 111359
Sliding is the most efficient as well as the most spectacular braking technique. Skaters manage to draw parallel lines covering several meters, and leaving a burnt smell. It is also the hardest braking technique to master...

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Strengthening your core muscles to get fitter

Par Alexandre Chartier | Le 19 April 2008 | 0 | 77566
In skating, having a backache is frequent. It may come from several reasons: a bad skating stance or a lack of tone in the lumbar and abdominal muscles. Here are a few drills that will enable you to reduce your suffering and improve your performances...

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Learning freestyle slalom: backward crossing

Par Alexandre Chartier | Le 3 April 2008 | 0 | 35126
Forward crossing is the most reassuring if you begin, but not the easiest. Indeed, backward crossing is easier because you are in a more natural posture. Let's have an explanation...

Inline downhill All Niveau Beginner skater

Going down a hill carefully on your skates

Par Alexandre Chartier | Le 25 February 2008 | 0 | 48569
Going down a hill at full speed with inline-skates can be a real pleasure or a perfect nightmare depending on your skating level and your self control. Downhill pushes the riders to his own technical and physical limits. Here are some advises to improve your skills and to go down a hill securely...

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Trick: Frontwards Hawk Move in Skating

Par Alexandre Chartier | Le 5 February 2008 | 0 | 49581
The hawk move may be used in various circumstances but the most obvious is certainly in Speed Skating to overcome an opponent on the finish line. But you can come across similar moves in slalom, in roller derby... Here are a few tips to do that pleasing and useful move...

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Trajectory: Downhill bends

Par Alexandre Chartier | Le 22 January 2008 | 0 | 20109
Rollo compiled a series of explanative videos on optimal lines for downhill skating. From braking to direction taking, here are some tips to save precious seconds…

All Niveau Intermediary skater

Basics: Using your edges in inline skating

Par Alexandre Chartier | Le 14 January 2008 | 0 | 81423
In inline skating, just like in skiing and ice skating, you successively shift from one edge to the other when you skate... But what is an edge? Definition...

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« T-way » braking methods

Par Alexandre Chartier | Le 19 December 2007 | 0 | 112320
T-way braking is certainly one of the most classical and most used techniques to stop when you rollerskate. It's a quite easy one if you have good balance abilities. We are here going to give you more details about it, and some variations...

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The double push: the ultimate skating technique?

Par Alexandre Chartier | Le 6 January 2007 | 0 | 61986
The words 'double push' often sound like a great mystery to the ears of speed skaters. The double push is a subject much written about on the Internet forums. It is surrounded by numerous legends, the obscurity of which we will to try to clarify...

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Training: skating stretching session with Ghizlane Samir

Par Alexandre Chartier | Le 1 January 2006 | 0 | 100238
Did you know that a good muscle stretching influences a great part of your performance? There are lots of beneficial effects: better flexibility, less risks of injury, better recovery, more freedom of movement thanks to a greater joint mobility… Here are a few pieces of advice to stretch efficiently…