Interview with Adam Jukes, Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist

Today we meet Adam Jukes, Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist. This inline artistic skater skates with her partner Rosie. This practice could seem to be oldfashioned but it is becoming more and more popular all around the World…

Interview with Adam Jukes (United-Kingdom)

Hello Adam, how did you start inline figure skating?

In 2017 after 20 years of Ice shows I decided to switch to inline for a new challenge.

What made you choose figure skating inline rather than another roller-skating discipline, like quad for example? Did you start on wheels or on the ice? Do you have a preference?

Being a Figure skater was the natural choice.

Did you try other sports than figure skating?

Adame Jukes and Rosie
Adam Jukes and Rosie during their show

When I started figure skating at the age of 12, I was also an aggressive rollerblader, doing tricks on halfpipes and stuff like that. I have always been really big into anything physical and have played most sports through the years.

What does inline figure skating mean to you?

Freedom, not being constrained to ice rinks and ice shows, I get to create so much more as I can skate anywhere, plus I really found myself once I met Rosie, with her I found a new level to my ambitions and drive. Since skating with her I realized I had the chance to become the best in the world at what I do.

Tell us how did you start “The Skating Duo”?

In February I moved to Vegas to explore creating an act on the circle as I had never done it and loved the challenge. Once Diana and I started to skate I started looking for a unique name and “TheSkatingDuo” was free on Instagram so thought, ok let’s go with that. Plus, I believed it would be very memorable.

What were the obstacles?

Learning to perform on a small table on Inline is so much harder than quads as it is harder to maintain speed and also to stay centered. Diana deciding to stay in Vegas presented a problem too, which has led me to start looking for a new partner.

In life there are always obstacles, I firmly believe this is the universe guiding you, when you don’t get what you want it because that is not what you are supposed to be doing or have, there is something better.

Have you got a coach or did you learn by yourself?


Which element do you prefer on inline duo?

I have invented over 20 tricks and combos with Rosie, Diana, and Ashe, I really love to perform all the different Split Spin variants, Headbanger and also Aero Flip are two of my favorites too.

Are there still things you can’t do on inline skates as a solo skater, in duo?

Of course, there are a lot of things I can’t do or don’t do anymore, would love to have attempted double axel on inline as I was still doing it when I was on my last ice show in 2018. As duo I am always trying to invent new tricks and combos so yeah always lots I can’t do.

How often do you train per week for the duo, and by yourself?

I skate almost everyday alone, Duo training depends if we have shows coming up, mostly we don’t need to train, once we can do it than no need for training. The last 3 months in Vegas, Diana and I skated only three times, the three photo shoots we, we one did each once too.

Is there a personality that inspires you?

Anyone who wants to be the best in the world at what they do and are not afraid to let the world know, like, Conor McGregor, Cristiano Ronaldo, The Rock, Tony Robbins…

À quoi ressemble une journée type pour vous Adam Jukes ?

What does a typical day look like for you?

Adame Jukes and Rosie

What is your best roller memory?

Performing Live to 10 million people in the Semi-Finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

The worse?

Not making it to the Final, I firmly believed we were good enough, for me to perform and act like this life on TV was a huge risk.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Become even better, create many new acts and travel the world with my new contract doing things I never thought possible.

How do you see the future of your discipline? What do you think about WIFSA and World Skate competitions?

I believe the 2020 pandemic will be the making of the sport, so many more people have inline now and have a chance to be among the best in the world much easier than ice skating.

Are you doing pair skating competition?

I did once, but don’t plan to do it again.

Are you sponsored?

Yes, by Skates US and Picskate.
I am an exclusive artist for the Biggest Booking & Creative Agency in the world, the first skater in history to have such a contract.

Adam Jukes and Rosie

Fact sheet

Name: Jukes
First name: Adam
Birth date: 01/01/1981
Place of birth: Blackpool, UK
Size: 175cm
Weight: 80kg
Country: Spain
Lives at: Tenerife
First steps on skates at the age of: 12 years old
Category: Ice skater
Studies: none
Strong point: Self Belief, Ambitious, Driven,
Weakness: none
Last film seen: Don’t watch movies, I do listen to motivation videos on YouTube like, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Gary Lee, Jay Shetty, Jordan Peterson, Steve Harvey, Simon Sinek.
Favorite music: I love all music as every genre creates a different mood
Video games? When I was a kid, not anymore, Tony Hawks was my favorite game
Books: Love Derren Brown books
I love: Life, creating, skating, teaching and staying physically fit, people with positive energy
I do not like: Negative pessimistic energy sucking small minded people
Spoken languages: English
Alcohol or fruit juice? Fruit Juice
Beach or mountain? Beach
Morning or evening? Morning
Cheese or dessert? Dessert
Rap, metal or techno? techno
Football or rugby? Football

Prize list

  • Gold medalist, Senior Pair, 1rst Division, World Open Inline Figure Skating Fasano 2019.
  • Semi-finalist of Britain’s got Talent 2019

Vidéo of Adam Jukes and Rosie in the show “Britain’s Got Talent”





Priscillia Arguimbau-Boatto : patineuse artistique en ligne et sur glace depuis 1995. Tente de conquérir le monde, en roller en ligne artistique.


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Priscillia Arguimbau-Boatto : patineuse artistique en ligne et sur glace depuis 1995. Tente de conquérir le monde, en roller en ligne artistique.

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