A new Powerslide carbon frame available soon?

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Powerslide is developping a new carbon frame for a few months… First images.

The German company Powerslide is developping a new carbon frame for a few months. It has been seen particularly at the feet of some skaters of the team at the 2012 Roller Speed Skating World Championships in Italy. As you can see from these photos, this design resembles that of a Virus frame. It should be equipped with bridges …

The dark color comes from the fact that this model is not painted, carbon is gross.If they are still in the prototype stage, Bart Swings could skate with this model at the upcoming 2012 Berlin Roller Marathon.
The release of this new speed skating carbone frame could take place in spring 2013. This product shows that the French brand EOSkates was  right with the use of carbon and that is the likely future for all brands …


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