10 music videos with skates

There is a lot of skateboarding in publicities… but skating is not outdone in music videos! Here are 10 videos with skating in the foreground. Note: this is a random list…

10 music videos with skates

1. Chet Faker – Gold

Music videos which are entirely dedicated to skating are rare. Chet Faker offers a 4-min choreography at night, close to a sequence-shot. From the album Built On Glass, the music video has more than 30 million views today. Released in April 11th, 2014.

2. Brigitte – J’sais pas

Lots of sensuality and skating in the last music video of French band Brigitte.

3. Noel Gallagher’s High Fliying Birds – Do the Damage

Noel Gallagher brings us on a roller derby banked track just like in Whip It, the movie.

4. Eagle and the Word – Give Me Time

Let’s travel to Australia with Eagle and the Worm’s single ‘Give Me Time’, featuring the 2004 World Champion in Ice Skating Jayson Sutcliffe. Shot in the Caribbean Rollerama ice skating rink in Melbourne, Victoria in September 2012.

5. Pet Shop Boys – Winner

The Pet Shop Boys met the London Rollergirls to shoot the music video of ‘Winner’. From their album Elysium.

6. Thomas Monica and the Tangent Universe – The Girls Are Always Right

More roller derby! And it was shot in France, in Besançon with the Voodoo Vixens.

7. DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans – Louder

Destination Venice Beach, the paradise of roller dance, with the music video of DJ French ft. Sian Evans entitled ‘Louder’. Also featuring nice skateboarding sequences.

8. Madjive – Heal It

Madjive relied on the French roller derby leagues of the Doubs and around (Belfort and Alliance Glisse Franche-Compté) for the music video of ‘Heal It’.

9. Evian Roller Babies

Probably one of the most famous skating videos in the world! Evian stroke hard in releasing this roller dance video with skating babies. The concept is simple: make a motion capture of adult dancers and remodel it on babies. As a result you get an off-the-wall video that has been viewed over 80 million times today.

10. Gene Kelly – Always Fair Weather

This scene of the 1955 movie Always Fair Weather remains a reference in the legend of skating in the movies. Let’s enjoy it one more time…

There is no need to say that the list is far from being exhaustive. We couldn’t possibly condense them all in here. Thanks for your understanding!


Roller derby highlighted in Heal It music video of French band Madjive

A little bit of skating in Shakira’s music video

Laurent Wolf’s music video featuring the Miss’Iles

Skating in Julien Doré’s music video

Skating in Melanie C’s music video

Skating in James Vincent McMorrow’s music video of Gold

Skating sequences in George Benson’s Give Me The Night

M83’s music video featuring the Miss’Iles


By Alfathor
Photos: all rights reserved


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