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Interview with Adam Jukes, Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist

Par | 28 June 2021 | Catégories : AllFigure skatinginline figure-skating | Sous-catégorie: Roller-skaters interviews and portraits
Tags : Adam JukesBritain's got Talentrosie roller skating

Today we meet Adam Jukes, Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist. This inline artistic skater skates with her partner Rosie. This practice could seem to be oldfashioned but it is becoming more and more popular all around the World…

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inline figure-skating Skating hardware

Testing the Jackson Ultima Mirage inline frame

Testing the Jackson Ultima Mirage inline frame

Par | 17 April 2021 | Catégories : Figure skatinginline figure-skating | Sous-catégorie: Tests and reviews of rollerskates
Tags : Jackson Ultima testJackson Ultima frameartistic inline skating frameartistic skating frameJackson Ultima Mirage frameJackson Mirage frame

Jackson Ultima skates is a Canadian brand created by the 1962 World Figure Skating Champion, Don Jackson. Jackson regularly equips international competitors such as Nathan Chen, Alexandra Trusova, since 1966. The Jackson Mirage frame we are going to talk about has just been released because of multiples closed ice rinks…

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Roller-dance Skate lessons

Rollerdance Tutorial: Downtown

Par | 24 April 2020 | Catégories : AllRoller-dance | Sous-catégorie: Beginner skater
Tags : downtown roller danceRollerdance TutorialChloe Cozmic Seyres

I recently ran a live workshop on Instagram on this classic rollerdance move, and I’ve edited the video to make a 10-minute short version of it. Here we will not only break the move down, but also take it to the next level in focusing on the rolling and fluidity, and on some rhythm and step variations.

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Aggressive skating Good addresses

Skatepark of Iquique

Spot: The Skatepark of Iquique, Chile

Par | 21 October 2016 | Catégories : AllAggressive skating | Sous-catégorie: Where to skate
Tags : skatepark iquiqueskate park iquiqueskatepark chileskate parc chileskate park chile

Always looking for skating spots, OLS takes you once more to the other side of the world, in the middle of the desert of Atacama, to visit the skatepark of Iquique, Chile…

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